Lipstick Disco

London, United Kingdom

Lipstick Disco is….. a music blog.
Lipstick Disco is….. written by a collective of girls
Lipstick Disco is….. an insight into our musical world.
Lipstick Disco is….. all things house and discofied.

Lipstick disco was born from an observation, a realization that while there are a handful of heavyweight girls out there doing us proud, the music industry is still a very male dominated arena. Specifically in the field of House and Disco, the majority of DJ’s, producers, engineers, promoters etc are all guys. Lipstick Disco is here to represent the girls, not in a feminist kinda way, they’ll be no bras burning, we just wanna put our lipstick mark on the collar of the house and disco boys.

The L.D collective and contributors are all girls working in the music industry in a variety of forms, from DJ’s, promoters, producers, working at labels, radio etc..

our music policy is simple: The finest Disco, House and Techno