The Barefoot DJ & Serendipity

Wells, United Kingdom

Kenny Swann The Barefoot DJ, has been a music head since he was a little kid in Birmingham UK, buying his first seven-inch vinyl at age 8!

Massively influenced by the U.K's Acid house scene of the late eighties, He went on to become A prominent feature in the underground London dance music scene of the mid to late nineties playing at clubs like Heaven, The Fridge, The End, heart and soul and many others internationally.
Subsequently, he emigrated to the US and stopped DJ'ing to rejuvenate his health after a decade of hedonism.

In 2018 he decided to start spinning again after seeing how the amazing advances in technology I.e CDJ's, Traktor, I-pod, data storage, and unlimited search capability have made it possible to be a DJ without having to own, store and carry large plastic discs. :)
These days his musical taste is generally, DIVERSE. Re:House, Nu-jazz, Detroit Techno, Soul, Funk, Latin, Hip-Hop, Tech-Jazz, Afro Etc.

The Barefoot DJ & Serendipity

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