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Montreal, Canada

A visual artist I write and think In syntax form: I found myself at Woodstock at 16; saw Janis Joplin at 4:00 am and went swimming in the red mud and didn't change my jeans for a year; drove around Cote st Luc in a corvair with with stenciled flowers on it. In 1972 I had the honour of being arrested in Vermont for 2 joints which had a huge impact on my life; coming out as a gay man in San Francisco (where else); and where we were tear gassed at a anti Nixon riot starring Ronald Reagan. A Ziggy Stardust fanatic and alienating most of my family to the point of "ball gowns and vicious rumours". Succumbed to the allure of 7th ave;all my friends were Jewish again. Had 2 men's clothing shops. Upper west side neighborhood; had several celebrities as clients. No name dropper here; Stanley Tucci, Diane Keaton...sorry! I saw the Towers come down in real time; I returned to Canada (couldn't live under a Bush) with my partner where we got married. Do my photography now.

pete mitchell

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