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After 1994 seeing Inga Juuso with Mari Boine at CPH Tivoli I got heavly interested in Saami Yoik after my study year at Joensuu FIN in 1999 with Wimme's Wimme CD.
Starting 2001 to 2015 I started a serie of interviews with Saami yoikers with a questionnaire on the search of essence of Saami yoik / joik / jojk / luoht:
- What is yoik for you?
- How would you define yoik?
- How you get to know yoik first time?
- How do you find new yoiks?
Starting from taking part in Riddu Riđđu festival joike course 2009 by Berit Alette Mienna I started from 2010 to facilitate and to organize Saami yoik courses at Switzerland.