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Johnny Alpha

Wigan, United Kingdom

Used to run a night in my home town of Wigan called Rendez-Vous for couple of years then went on to join the Go-Go Cage team in Liverpool. I have spun records up and down the UK and all over Europe at various clubs and festivals including.

Acid Gallery (London)
Ballroom Bash (Leipzig)
Blast Off (Nottingham)
Boiler Club (Barcelona)
Born Bad (Paris)
Camarilo Brillo (Manchester)
Dead Members Club (Worcester)
Dirty Water Club (London)
Excuse me (Valencia)
Frat Cave (Bristol)
Funtastic Dracula Carnival (Valencia)
Go-Go Cage (Liverpool)
Heavy Sugar (London)
Hipsville (Surrey)
Hot Rats (Manchester)
Imploding Acoustic Inevitable (Wigan)
Jungle Hop (Paris)
Loud Mufflers (Paris)
Love Shepard (Manchester)
Micca Club (Rome)
Mojo Work out (Bergen)
My Big Hat (London)
Ne nous fâchons pas (Paris)
Rendez-Vous (Wigan)
Shake (Bristol)
Suicide twist (Brussels & Paris)
Swan Club (Valencia)
UFO Club (Paris)