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Jayface producer&dj / Jayface Music / Jayface Radio official.
Latest releases and Social media links: https://linktr.ee/jayfacemusic

Albums: The Album (2022), Summer Trance Dreams (2009).
Collections: Jayface Music Volume 1 and 2 (2022).
EPs: Clouds in the sky EP (2022), Perfection EP (2008).
Tracks (2023): Splash, Ashes and Roses, Plastic Human, Spoon and Sugar, Pure Love, Love is a strange thing, Animal Instinct, Meet Her At The Club, Follow The Love, Forgotten Life.
Tracks (2021-2022): Two Way, Cirrocomulus, Ashes In The Wind, Illusions, Catapult, Cotton Candy Clouds, Touch The LED, In The Desert, Strange Love, Androids, Altocomulus, Stratocomulus, Rush, Twisted Games, One Moment In Zero, Glacier, Emotions, Ice Cold, Cirruscomulus, Find Your Love and so on.
Supports: Solarstone, Johan Gielen, Stoneface & Terminal, Dj Photographer, TranceFamily, Suzy Solar, Trance-Energy Radio and many more.