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Jay Dee Jr.

Boston, United States

Jay Dee Jr. is a talented DJ & Producer that has proven to be an major player in the world for the next upcoming years. His creativity has been recognized as unique and inspiring.

This talented young man has a gift with connecting to new and returning fans on an emotional and lyrical level that have brought people to new heights never before thought possible in his performances

Born in Angra Do Heroismo - Portugal Jay Dee Jr. began his artistic career at the tender age of 15, where he was mentored and shared the stage with many prestigious International DJs and Producers in various concert venues and events, where he developed the taste and passion for music bringing the start of his remarkable transformation into upcoming DJ superstar.

Living now in Boston MA, he has followed and brough is dream to the USA where his commitment and passion for electronic music will soon see his ascension into DJ prominence.

Music Bless You!
Jay Dee Jr.

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