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New York City (Metro Area), United States

An avid lover of music from punk rock, classic rock, disco, electronica, chill, dance, house, opera, classical to new wave and more...I love, love, love, MUSIC! I have a great ear for it and should of been a DJ/mixer/producer, but that's besides the point. Since a child, music always played a huge role in my life as an inspiration, to the message behind the lyrics to the tone of a song. Some people don't realize it, but we are surrounded day in and day out to all types of musical tones, tunes, etc...Enjoy MUSIC - that's what it is for!...and once in a while STOP, listen to what a song is saying or what the melody suggests - it's all there for you (us) to appreciate and interpret. Imagine life without music or even harmony. Imagine a movie without a soundtrack. Imagine a party without dance music...….. just imagine!