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Greg Oorange

Berlin, Germany

A woman once complained to Greg Oorange “because of you I couldn’t stop dancing and I nearly wet myself”. Another one swooned “next to Paul Kalkbrenner you are my favourite DJ”. An ecstatic sweat-soaked guest yelled to Greg Oorange “you’re the best DJ I’ve ever seen performing here”.
At 9 years of age Greg Oorange discovered his calling as a DJ when, just using an old tape recorder he sync-spliced together his first gig. For the last 15 years he has been mixing and spinning the hottest sounds in some of the top hotspots of Berlin, Hamburg and Leipzig. Greg Oorange also ensures for crowded dance floors at ceremonial events, exclusive galas and festive wedding receptions. With his unique style and his fine sense for the musical tastes of his guests, coupled with the timing of a trapeze artist and his musical versatility makes Greg Oorange one of the most flexible of the All-round DJs.
Starting with Pop then Disco and Soul, his path led him through Funk and Hip-hop into Rock, up to ...