DJ Green Papi

United Kingdom

Professional digital audio producer, editor, and engineer. Experienced Club DJ and MC.
Born in Guantánamo—a province located in Oriente (the most eastern region of Cuba)—the cultural foundation holding his musical structure and inspiration to his brand name ORIENTE STAR SOUND.
Radio stations, cassette tapes and vinyl records educated him since early age.
Since his arrival to London (UK) in 1995, he's been absorbing the city's multicultural scene. His set has come to prominence with a multi-genre selection of danceable beats seasoned with the heady essence of his Afro Cuban, and Caribbean roots. His performance is enhanced with remixes, mashups, and original productions. He's coined/developed the 'bashylongo'—an urban fusion of Cuban timba (check his 2013's Elemento EP). He's participated at numerous events promoting/supporting live acts such as the Miami's band Tiempo Libre during their debut show at Jazz Cafe (London). Resident DJ at Hackney Carnival, London (UK).