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Dj Goncie

Lisbon, Portugal

During his first works Goncie has perfecting his technique and a parallel dimension where everything we known as real transforms in fantasy. His delicate musical selection allow us to live unique moments of luxury, sensuality and delight. This is the feeling he has when playing and the feeling the majority of his public has when listening his unique sonority.

The passion that he has when plays has not gone unnoticed and quickly gained a small number of admirers who followed closely all his work, namely the works: “Out Of Control”, “Love Ritual”, “Summer Love” and “A Tribute To Louie Vega”, this last work is a tribute to the one he considers as the responsible for a great number of his musical influences.

Having already participated in several events, the DJ highlights the famous festival of the portal HouseDelight in partnership with producer Fantastik in the mythical Alcantara Club in Lisbon.