Gaty Lopez

Ibiza, Spain

Gaty Lopez is a DJ, great impassioned of radio, has along expertise as a producer, and remixer, a very strong Ableton Live believer, educator and trainer of deejays and producers.
Fascinated by the study of various mixing techniques, from the most traditional to the avant-garde, his musical genre ranges from Deep to Tech with House contaminations.
He currently lives in Ibiza where is dj resident @ El Hotel Pacha Ibiza (Pacha Group).
He is an electronic music producer since 2006, when he started using Ableton Live.
Today Gaty produces and remixes music for many prestigious labels.
Ableton Certified Trainer from 2009, and DJ trainer from 2002, today through online courses, Gaty prepares DJs and producers of the new generation, creating tracks and live sets with Push with them.
He works to motivate and enable people to creatively express themselves with music technology, in a simple and incisive way.