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D-Vox / Daniela Rhodes

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

D-Vox/Daniela Rhodes has been a DJ since 2002. From mixing hard dance in her bedroom inspired by Tiesto, she now explores house, techno, dnb & more. D-Vox is also a versatile vocalist/lyricist with an impressive collab portfolio, and uniquely accompanies instrumentals within her DJ sets with live, original vocals. For over two years, up until the start of 2020, she hosted her popular live show 'D-Vox & Guests' on B'mouth’s No.1, live streaming internet station Afro*disiac Live Radio before making the hard decision to take a break to focus on vocal collab projects, Daniela is also a creative writer for prog labels Flemcy Music & Findike Recs, & co-promoter of local underground event B'mouth Revival. Who knows where her talents will take her as she continues to surprise with her versatility, dedication and determination to share great music & positive energy as far & wide as she can spread it.

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