dublab DE

Cologne, Germany

dublab is a non-profit radio station founded in Los Angeles in 1999. For more than two decades, dublab has been one of the defining voices of online radio as a medium.

Through our radio broadcasts, myriad public events and cultural projects, dublab has fostered a community in Los Angeles and around the world that places creativity, enrichment, diversity, inclusivity and equality as valued priorities. Keeping music as the organization’s main focus, the dublab community continues to grow and use its voice to bring positive change.

dublab DE is the German branch of dublab.com and was launched in Cologne in 2015. Our airwaves allow space for diverse styles, eras, genres and music cultures to co-exist, and our DJs are empowered to freely play sounds they are passionate about, making each show distinct. We take pride in featuring a genre bending music policy, and partner with likeminded initiatives, record shops, labels or festivals.