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DJ Szabi

Brasov, Romania

DJ’ing is a tough profession; it’s not always filled with glamorous nights at crowded clubs and festivals. Most DJs only survive based on how smashed the crowd is that night. That’s why it’s so exciting when we come across someone like Szabi. This musician has the power of a midnight orchestra shooting out of his hands; nobody has felt this more than his audience. Born on 01st April 1990, Szabi is a unique DJ and music producer whose groovy soundtracks have caught the attention of a growing set of fans.

Szabi in 18 years of career has more then 400 events behind, he performed worldwide and only received love and appreciation from the audience.

Whether Djing at a club in Brasov or performing at a house festival in Romania, Szabi always gets people to dance, groove, and just forget about their problems for the night.

At first glance, anyone would assume this vibrant disk jockey is only limited to electronic and dance tracks. But you’ll realize it’s much greater once you start listenin