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DJ JIM (Evgeny Glotikov)

Moscow, Russian Federation

2007 - 22nd place in the rating of TOP100DJ RUSSIA.
2008 - 2009 As a result of the TOP100DJ RUSSIA 2008 vote Dj JIM was in the top 10 best DJs in Russia and took 8th place.
2010 - 13th place TOP100DJ RUSSIA.
ftom 2011 and Now JIM in the First place in Russian Electronic Scene of the PROMO DJ TOP100DJRUSSIA (

Since 2010 is a production manager and a resident of the label "Positive Reaction Records". Produces such labels as "FeedBass Records", "Ultrashpere Records", "Electrospeed Records", "Digitalvibe Records".
The author and host of the radio show "Electro Speed".
Jim is known and loved. Millions of us listen to his works and enjoy them. More than 500 clubs and danceflors have invited Eugene as the best DJ and they are always glad to see him again. The quality and unapproachable style, vivid memorable live sets, communication with the audience & feeling their music wishes. That's why he is appreciatedas the Electro House DJ # 1 in Russia.