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San Diego, Ca, United States

Travis 'Hevrock' Banister made the transition to DJ from MC in 2004, after recording hip hop mixtapes and performing in a live band for nearly a decade. He is now a rising DJ quickly making a name for himself playing in notable venues all over Southern California. His creative twist on new music mixed with the nostalgia of old classics is what makes up his signature style, and is a show in itself.
Avid vinyl collector, and graphic designer in his spare time, there is no shortage of creativity coming from this man. As a resident at many of San Diego’s favorite nightclubs, DJ Hevrock has plenty of experience rocking big crowds, and is no stranger to the dancefloor. With an impeccable ear for music, and the ability to move between genres smoothly, his style of mixing old with new is what he has become known for. From his early hip hop and old school roots, to his influences from nu disco, house, and electronic genres, his sets are energetic and flowing, and always a crowd favorite.