Mr. Swift aka DJ b_ART

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Since 1992 DJ b-ART has played at most of the major clubs in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. Although he mainly focuses on deep house and lounge his musical interest is very broad, stretching from plain and straight forward disco and 60's rock to drum 'n bass and Jazz. In the mid 90's he was chosen as one of the most talented upcoming DJ s by Eddy de Clercq, the dutch godfather of house. Due to lack of Deep House and variety in general in the Amsterdam club scene over the past several years Bart initiated a new party organisation named Pizazz! which was launched in November 1999 and has been successful ever since. Playing together with international deejays such as Jef K, DJ Deep, Abacus, Johnny Fiasco, Miguel Migs, Mateo& Matos, Gene Farris, JT Donaldson, Jon Cutler, Luke Solomon, Nick Holder, DJ Maestro and Rasoul, Bart has managed to introduce a warmer and deeper sound to the Amsterdam club life.