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Paris, France

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- (DJ) Absurd , Paris (France) based producer & DJ mixes classical UK Garage influences with modern garage genres like Dubstep , Bassline or Grime and other urban music forms in an eclectic way , not hesitating to collaborate with HipHop or Dancehall finest mc's across the gobe . He is for example the first french producer to have ever released a grime 12" vinyl and the first grime compilation cd album not long after.

- His never-fading production abilities has got him the right to remix some of the hottest artists in the electronic scene may it be Kid 606 , Otto VonShirach or Fonzerelli .He has also done numerous bootlegs , some of them have granted number one best-seller chart position in their music genre on the main platforms

-He has also his own label : ResoFantom Recordings on wich he releases Bass Music from local & internationals artists.

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