Don Alphonso // C0SM1C-4LPH4

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Interdimensional DJ / Music Producer and Actor.

I tuned all tracks in my mixes to 432Hz or 528Hz. Why?

The mass media is tuned to the concert pitch of A=440hz so is the majority of mainstream music. Research shows that the 440 pitch might be a bit off and disharmonious with our bodies and minds.

The A=432hz tuning is known as “The Mathematical Tuning”, “The Natural Tuning” and ”The Pythagorean Tuning”. According to studies 432 resembles a code underlying our very universe in all aspects: light, time, gravity, magnetism, DNA, sacred geometry and the list goes on. 432 as number, and its divisions, extends throughout all ancient history.

Why is this important?

Because sound (vibration) influences mind and body immediately. It is well known today that the molecular structure of water is affected by vibration, thoughts, words, ideas and of course: Music.
Our human body is made of approximately 70% water...

So the link is pretty immediate here😉

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