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Dirk Hinz

Rinteln, Germany

dirk hinz is a composer, a multi-instrumentalist, and a music producer.

You can find more infos and the music on:
Google: www.gp.hinzz.de
iTunes: www.itunes.hinzz.de
Amazon: www.amazon.hinzz.de
MTV: www.mtv.hinzz.de

also on:
Spotify: www.spotify.hinzz.de
Deezer: www.deezer.hinzz.de
Rdio: www.rdio.hinzz.de
LastFM: www.lastfm.hinzz.de
Hearthis: www.hearthis.hinzz.de
Bandcamp: www.bandcamp.hinzz.de
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.hinzz.de
Beats Music: www.beatsmusic.hinzz.de

Social Networks:
Google+: www.plusmusic.hinzz.de
Facebook: www.fbm.hinzz.de
Twitter: www.twitter.hinzz.de


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