Sydney, Australia

For DJ booking please contact me at or +612 (0)405 186 442

deejaychip emerged into the dj scene after several years of partying in the early 90's, with a debut performance at a lesbian warehouse party. From the outset, he was aware of the steep learning gradient in the art of programming club music. It took a few short years, but a definite style was being melded and an extensive career has ensued. Fast-forward to the present and Chip holds audiences on the floor with throbbing bases lines, fresh vocals and seamless mixing, blending styles based on house. Chip has played countless gigs throughout Australasia and held many resident spots in the past 20+ years. Current/recent standouts include Tropical Fruits, I Remember House, Mardi Gras Pool Party, IVY, Homesexual (HOME), Phoenix Rising, Midnight Shift, Daywash @ Chinese laundry, LIVE, & the Colombian Hotel.Explosive past sets include Mardi Gras,Inquisition & Sleaze Ball, Queer Nation, Manacle & Extra Dirty.