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Mumbai, India

Darkskye was created to embrace the side of me that appreciates and loves eerie soundscapes, moody melodies, deep dark basslines & haunting melancholic vocals. Trance was my initial gateway into the Electronic Music world roughly in the years '99/2000. So many of the classics will forever remain close to my heart. However, over the years I found that the purity of this genre was being compromised. As time passed by, my ears & mind opened to new music. Music that challenged me and brought me back to the underground that I so loved. I was exposed to (proper) progressive house & techno. Suddenly Global Underground CDs that made no sense to me back in the day began to feel like gold! The music I support & produce will always be non-commercial, moody & with a darker edge. I firmly believe that Electronic Music was created with the intention of it being an alternative to the often "mindless" mainstream. I firmly intend to preserve the integrity of what the music originally stood for.