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Danny De Matos

London, United Kingdom

DJ writer and producer also known as Lisbon Kid.
Danny de Matos originally learned his music selection skills as a kid whist working in indie record shops, before becoming an award-winning Producer/Musician/Songwriter.

This Portuguese DJ has a knack for creating eclectic and engaging left of centre remixes and DJ sets. His sophisticated and impeccable taste has enamoured some of the most select and cosmopolitan programmers, bookers and audiences.

From contemporary melodic Electronica to Nu Disco to New Wave Pop to Reggae to Downtempo to Lounge and beyond.

From Lisbon to London to Ibiza. Soho House, Café Del Mar, House of St Barnabas, Cannes Festival, Hoxton B&K, Ibiza Rocks @ Pikes Hotel, The Union Club, Café Mambo, Magic Roundabout, Westbank Art Gallery, Hostal La Torre are just some of the most recent places he’s brought his music to and smashed his DJ sets at.
Danny de Matos plays, you party… on and on.