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Dan Stringer

Montreal, Canada

Dan Stringer is a proud Montrealer who felt in love with the electronic underground music scene more than 25 years ago and decided over the years to get involved as a promoter, a DJ, a producer, a radio host and finally a record label owner.
During the past three decades, Dan carved his career with only one goal in mind; “keeping the underground scene, culture, and sound, ALIVE”! That’s what he did while collaborating to many events playing alongside some of the most creative artists of the underground culture.
His passionate approach has allowed him to carve out a unique dirty, sexual, crazy and energetic signature that was elaborated by picking wisely, set after set, some serious fat dirty high-octane techno-induced beats ultimately this unique sound texture has brought him to play at mostly all the venues and illegal rave parties and afterparties in Canada at which he consumed an extremely huge amount of Red Bull allowing him to inspire thousands of people to dance to his beats.