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Damien Mancell

Sydney, Australia

Australian dance music artist with international hits under his belt. "Be With You Tonight' "Shine" "DJ(Take It On Down)" "Air", "Diamond" ,"Welcome To The Party" & the new smash "To Be With You (Stars)"
A naturally gifted singer songwriter, Damien Mancell has been penning tracks for years,and now its time for him to step behind the mic as the voice behind a meld of pop and dance he brings you the anthemic dance hits and club stormers..After a small hiatus , with the album finished, comes the return to form smash "Welcome To The Party". This killer stomper will set dancefloors ablaze with remixes by Chunky Astronauts and Glitteratti http://www.damienmancell.com/ and receive information on upcoming dates, as well as the commercial singles & remixes.