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Huntington Beach, Ca, United States

I love my family!!! , I love my close friend's so much!!! I miss my close friend's so, so MUCH ....! I LOVE LIFE IN THE SUN....! I love all type of music...! Will almost all type of music that is... Rap cant stand it. Aggressive jazz I can do with out. Country music not my cup of tea. I LOVE 2 DANCE!!! to REAL Freak-IN good music! If I am not dancing on that dance floor... That just mean I DON'T LIKE the DJ choice of music... I could kick my self in the ass 4 not learning how to mix... yup! I know I could have been a FrEaK-iN gOoD DJ... Yep !!! ;} What ever ;)) LOVE LIVE FOR MUSIC .