Charivari Worldwide

Detroit, United States

Charivari Worldwide is a celebration of the City of Detroit and it’s contributions to electronic dance music. Techno is a Detroit creation and Detroit is flush with the pioneers and present day masters of the genre as well many of the most talented and respected DJ/producers of House music. The Charivari Detroit Music Festival intends to spread that gospel across the world thru the festival stream and branded gear. Charivari Detroit Music Festival continues to be the greatest assembly of Detroit based DJ talent ever! A strong family in the music. FREE and open to all who want to join the party. No strings. No contracts.
We ask… Share this post everywhere. Tell somebody. Make a donation. Buy some gear. Family is blood, FAM is bond.

Download the Mixcloud app and come join the party. Tune in to the Charivari Radio channel here on Mixcloud. Charivari Detroit brings the world together while you let yourself go!