Breaducation - DJ Moneyshot

Breaducation - DJ Moneyshot

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Breaducation - DJ Moneyshot
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We've been talking to DJ Moneyshot about doing a mix for us for a while and he recorded this whilst preparing for his support slot for the Shadow and Cut Chemist Renegades of Rhythm show in Bristol. This is a masterful cut and paste mix from one of the UKs finest.

DJ Moneyshot does regular guest mixes for Coldcut's legendary Solid Steel shows and he's also a member of The Allergies. We recommend you check both!

Follow him on @dj_moneyshot


Playing tracks by The Herbaliser, LL Cool J, Most Wanted, Maceo Parker & The Macks, De La Soul and more.

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I'm one happy man. Simply brilliant mix


This mix is dooooooope! Been on constant play round my place. Well done! You had me at LL and killed me with Maceo.


loving this!
What's track at 24'20?

Simon Runcie

It's ok - tracked it down. Loving it

Simon Runcie

Brilliant. What's the track at 21 mins?


yammi tracks in a delicious mix!!!

DJ Challi Source

loving this mix

DJ Matman

that intro ! lolz

Yasunori Utida

1pack2pack3pack4ーΣ( ̄皿 ̄;;


About time for a new mix. Another killer as usual.

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