80s RAP SPECIAL Part 3

80s RAP SPECIAL Part 3

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80s RAP SPECIAL Part 3
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Skeg and Steeve The Sleeve get together for the third part of our 80's Rap Specials. Flicking thru the vinyl of their childhood the boys flick from drum machine and scratch epics via electro and cut and paste classics to early UK hip hop ground breakers to sure shots from the late 80's golden era. This is how it was back in the day….proper old school…..ENJOY!


Playing tracks by D.St, Soul Sonic Force, Mac Attack, Word of Mouth feat DJ Cheese, Cutmaster D.C. and more.

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Gets better with age

Selene Siordia

Best time


Great mix! wikki wikki wikki


YEAH! DOPE SOUNDS! Thank you. Back in the Days...

George Roberts

Just a look at the tracklist says this stays on!

DJ Andy Smith

Ahhh. my youth....golden!!!

Suki AudioShrapnel

Yo 'sup Homefry - this mix is the bomb!

On the Noughts and Ones

Beautiful times, C90 cassettes, breaking on bits of cardboard outside Londis, gettin off with a fit bird on a school trip to HMS Bristol, cursing around on my Raleigh Burner, all carried out to the soundtrack supplied by the electro and crucial albums. DOPE

Breakin Bread

Here's Part 2 of the 80's Rap Specials https://www.mixcloud.com/breakinbread/80s-rap-special-pt-2/

Breakin Bread

Here's Part 1 of our 80's Rap Specials https://www.mixcloud.com/breakinbread/80s-rap-special/

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