80's Rap Special Pt 2

80's Rap Special Pt 2

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80's Rap Special Pt 2
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Rarely do Skeg, Steeve The Sleeve and J Squared get to record a show together these days, its got to be something special to link them up and they cant resist the lure of an 80's Rap Show. They had such a good time recording the first part of this series of shows so they went back home, dug deep in the crates and pulled together some of the best hip hop releases of the 80's for Part 2…… nice chunks of wax that hadn't been pulled out of their sleeves for a while ……. from 808 heavy beats thru early sampling to full blown epics this is how it was back in the day….. ENJOY!


Playing tracks by Original Concept, Pieces of a Dream, Art of noise, Knights Of The Turntables, Paul Hardcastle and more.


Marvin Colón

OMG.. name of beat starting at 10:23 please.

Jean Jackson

Oh god what remember in tha 80s when i dance electro boogie and break dance.FRESH

George Roberts

Gets stronger and stronger as it goes, by the end totally banging, nicely set for the day, ta :)

Joe Crowther

Strong bread!

Glenn Lucas

Nice tracks

David Skeg Magness

really enjoyed recording this one! thanks for all the love people x


ha ha - cheers everyone! - BR+R into Lakim......thats it right there...

DJ Hudson

Nice, nice, nice - Black Rock and Ron had to get a rewind!

Lady Paradox

Sweeeet :D


Bring on Pt 3 fellas!

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