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Calgary, Canada

Ty Bonlando (formally Anx) has been involved in Calgary’s underground rave scene since 1999, playing and throwing parties, festivals, and club shows. Over that period, he has survived fat pants, happy hardcore, sandstorm, and PLUR with the scars to prove it. He even got to open for the guy who opened for Richie Hawtin one time.

In any given set, his main goal is to take the listener on an ever-evolving ride showcasing a variety of moods. This is done by layering the spectrum of techno and all its sub-genres in a way that makes people say “oooof” or “yow!” or “is this real life?”. Other goals include figuring out his hidden mutant ability, finding the golden ticket, and outsmarting Satan.

Expect a highly technical, energetic 4-channel techno set
that averages around 30-35 tracks an hour—complete with loops, effects and other wizardry. He continuously incorporates all the bleeps, bloops, acid lines, and of course, that “shitty little high hat” we know you love.