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Jimmy Spark

Hyderabad, India

Aloys Denis Richardson aka Jimmy Spark is an aficionado of Music. Down to earth, lovable person and has genuine love for music since childhood. Jimmy Spark is a dream project by Aloys for his deep passion and love for music.
In his early teen Jimmy Spark was influenced by different sounds and genres since then he started breaking boundaries and exploring different genres of Music. He believes in music which inflames emotions and his interest for electronic dance music became quite obvious.
Once you get into genuine music collective, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. The idea to join the real forces became obvious.
Vision is to take the love and passion for music to greater level. Respect, push and emerge as an underground music promoter and support the artists who produce them to make music more essential to life.
So ease your mind and set yourself free to that mystifying music they call the key.
Music is the Key! Music is the Answer!! Music sets you Free!!!