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Zentrum Aktuelle Musik e.V.

Cologne, Germany

"radio in between spaces": Sonic Perspectives from the Global South. Sounding Hospitalities. Time, Sound and Emancipatory Practices. Radio as Activism. Every Thursday from 19:00 p.m. to 21:00 p.m CET on


International sound artists and experimental musicians, philosophers and theorists, critics and journalists explore questions of foreignness and proximity, solidarity and dissonance, vibration and materiality, meaning and noise, permeability and resistance.

Organizer ZAM Zentrum für Aktuelle Musik e.V.
Editorial team Franziska Windisch, Thomas Gläßer, Jan Langhammer, Therese Schuleit
Email ibs@z-a-m.eu
Web www.inbetweenspaces.net

Funders & Cooperations:
A cooperation of ZAM Zentrum für aktuelle Musik e.V. with Akademie der Künste der Welt (Academy of the Arts of the World), Academy of Media Arts Cologne, and the Experimental Radio of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and its experimental radio projects bauhaus.fm and shif