'What Fanon Said' - A Chat with Lewis Gordon

'What Fanon Said' - A Chat with Lewis Gordon

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'What Fanon Said' - A Chat with Lewis Gordon
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Decoloniality London had the wonderful opportunity to have Lewis over in comfy surroundings during his brief stay in the city to take part in the UK Sartre Society conference. What was planned to be a meet and greet and touching base session over drinks and food with maybe a short recorded chat about his new book, 'What Fanon Said', turned out to be a 7 hour discussion which ended deep into the early hours of the next day. Here's the part where we focused on the book and its main themes and perhaps some day we will release some more of the conversation which Vitamin D is very grateful happened. Irie Tov Lewis!


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Akanke Tyra Washington

This is freezing. I listened once and went to re listen but now it's frozen!!!!