The End to a Means‏

The End to a Means‏

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The End to a Means‏
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Today Vitamin D is happy to share a recent audio documentary entitled 'Ending The World' which was produced to contribute to an exhibition entitled ‘Visions of the Future’ hosted by OOMK ( Members of the Decoloniality London (DL) network were asked what the titular phrase means to them and how they see it being made manifest.

The people heard here will also be organising and facilitating an upcoming study programme on decoloniality which is due to have its launch day on 14 March.  As a part of DL, Vitamin D will be releasing additional information about this project in the near future and will also link to the relevant website as things get finalised.

Get in touch if you'd like to know more about the study programme.

For the full accompanying text for the audio documentary please visit:


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