Elsewhere, Germany

“And this is how we’re going about it. Without hesitation we mix Dubstep with Blues, Minimal and Soul. To us, that’s key – we focus on the soul of the machine; when the machine does not have a soul – we create one for it. Who are we? There’s Maik Helfrich aka ‘Count Continue’ (Visuals & Production) and Luis Baltes aka Tiger Uppercut (Vocals & Production). We’ve been together since 6th grade – making music, watching movies and dreaming of a noisy, colorful world.

Our town is Landau – too small, really – but home. We don’t draw a distinction between life and studio performances – to us they are of equal value. We live for long sets with tons of soul and super high energy; great visuals, songs and rap, beatboxing and sunrises as we leave the clubs."

Luis hosts parties and lives in Mannheim; with his band ‘Luis & Laserpower’ he also combines Indie with Rap, has showcased his beat boxing skills on Wolfgang Schmid’s ‘Latest Kick’ and has performed worldwide including in