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New York City, United States

At TRANSIT FM, we understand and promote a strong sense of community. A community is not something one is simply part of, community is something far bigger than a group of people. Being part of a community is surrounding one’s self with like-minded individuals, who actively build with each other towards a positive gain, and extends beyond a common interest (in this case, music). Most of all, we believe that a community is only as big and as successful as its members want it to be. Our mission and goal to provide this opportunity to our community - we are the stepping-stones and beacon of light to those who have been searching for this or people who never knew something like this existed.

Our philosophy on artist ownership and agency sets us apart; we strive to highlight those artists with flourishing talent throughout the US, but may not necessarily have the means of exposure available to them, be it for marketing, financial, or other reasons.