Monza, Italy

During my formative years I used to listen to black music (funk, soul, hip-hop) only, then widened my musical tastes and interests.
Today I can say (quoting the O'Jays): "I love music, any kind of music - I love music, just as long as it's groovin'".
My Facebook page is
My shows are collected in playlists:
- Doo-Bop: jazzin' hip-hop and hip-hoppin' jazz;
- Supalounge!: the music of an imaginary jazzy lounge club (background but high-quality music);
- Funky Time (funk, the whole funk, nothing but the funk);
- Mod Mood: the kind of black music appreciated by mods (60's rhythm'n blues, northern soul and jazz);
- Cafè di lu mari: my idea of a true mediterranean chillout experience (chillout, jazz and more);
- Disco Nights: dance music from the disco era (disco, soul, boogie, funk etc.);
- Let's Get It On: soul music to make love to;
- fake soundtracks: music for never-shot movies;
- da boombox: funk and funky hip-hop.