Copenhagen, Denmark

Skeleton-Man roams around the world and has been spotted at places and festivals, such as, Burning Man (US), Universo Parallello (Brazil), Sonica (Italy), ZNA (Portugal) and many, many editions of Roskilde Festival in Denmark. He is regularly seen out on the town in Copenhagen, Denmark where he also keeps his coffin, so to speak.

Before coming out as Skeleton-Man he did some ameteur dj'ing in the early 00s playing many different styles and genres of music. Nowadays he's mostly venturing into music that is closest to his heart - or his upper left torso - in the form of various kinds of Tech House, Deep house and techno.

In May 2016 he put his first dj-mix up on this very site and is now starting to build a following of fans (dead or alive but mostly alive) around the world.