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London, United Kingdom

Shoom was named #7 in Billboard magazine in their 'Top 25 Clubs of all Time’, and is widely known as a spear-header for the Dance Music Scene that we all recognise and love today.

Fast forward to the present and this is what Shoom looks like.

A riot of colour, unity, fun, and damn good music. Think vibrant decor+performers, new wave Techno, Acid, and House talent, cutting edge Live acts, hard-hitting acclaimed headliners of music Heritage, State of the Art visuals, lots of confetti, smoke, giant smiley flags, contemporary dancers, mixed crowd gay and straight, drag queens, futuristic styling, collaborations with top Artistic brands, and even the odd dark room thrown in alongside a sleek, thoughtful production mixed with wild abandonment.

Shoom is the stuff of Legend, that is now back to celebrate not just the Heritage, but the future stars of Techno and Dance Music culture today.
Welcome Shoomers. : )

P.S. Want to bring Shoom to your city? Please contact MN2S for enquiries!