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Be it on the double bass or on the double vinyl decks - SHAKIN ́ CASI aka BOPPIN’ MONKEY REVUE is known throughout the land for frantic shows! Having started the ole musical career over 25 years ago on the electric bass he soon discovered an urge for the juicy warmth of bigger sounding bodies. And so Shakin' Casi changed to the upright bass and turned to the various stylistical possibilities this instrument offers. He mastered the different styles of american roots music, the various forms of the blues and a huge chunk of what is known as jazz. But his playing is never dogmatic and his love for vintage movie soundtracks, obscure world music and much more always glimmers through. Although an afficionado of the volatile, Shakin' Casi's musical projects always stand for a massive impact.
As mentioned before he also performs as DJ SHAKIN’ CASI or BOPPIN’ MONKEY REVUE, who will turn every crowd into a bunch of wild savages - with the man himself as the priest chieftain. C'MON & GO APE !!!