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Los Angeles, United States


Jonathán Pérez, known as Serio, is Rap artist from Los Angeles, CA. His grandmother nicknamed him "Serio", which in Spanish means serious, because as a child he always had a serious look on his face. Serio has loved rap since childhood & started writing & rapping when he was a teenager. In 2005 he started his professional music career now Serio is a Mexican American Rap Artist known all over the world he has done concerts and continues to do concerts in all major U.S. Cities and 33 States in America. He has also done concerts all over the world and has toured not only in the U.S. but also Mexico, Canada, and Japan. He still travels to this day doing concerts all over the world in many countries. He has been played on radio stations all over the world including the U.S. from Coast to Coast his biggest radio hits are "I Got To Have You", "In L.A.", "Baby I Love You", and "Sexy Ladies". Serio has released 4 solo albums, 4 DVDs, & 1 book, selling over 1 million units worldwide.

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