SAVVY Contemporary

Berlin, Germany

Vociferating. Celebrating. Incanting in quiet. Again. Vociferating. Celebrating. Incanting in quiet. Again.

Traveling through knowledge systems on the grounds of expandable geographies, SAVVYZΛΛR is in/choiring, inquiring in a choir, on the potencies of healing powers to soothe distress with relief. Release. And yet again – in solidarity – we delve into the traditions and transpositions of sound, the meditational of music, and the archival inscriptions of vibrating memory.

SAVVYZΛΛR continues to navigate hybridity - foundational to SAVVY Contemporary as a space of being - now through the dimensions of radio. It is a space negotiating and delinking from the ideologies, practices and continuities of the collective and entangled repercussions of the “colonial enterprise.” An invitation into where the body meets the voice, as they find their places in the airwaves.