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Terra Nullius, Antarctica
► Musician/composer solo and in various projects mostly based in Berlin (from sound art to electronica, noise, industrial, ambient, electroacoustic, minimal wave, improv, acid, hip hop, etc.) such as Axiome, Tetra Plok, Tasjiil Moujahed, Crno Klank, etc.
► Sound engineer (mixing, mastering) at Syrphe.
► Radio host at Radio Staalplaat and Colaboradio, dedicated to so-called experimental & electronic music from Latin America, Africa and Asia.
► Producer/label manager at Syrphe/gig organiser.
► DJ.
► Lecturer (mostly giving talks about experimental and electronic music from Asia and Africa : history, political and social aspect, etc.).
► Author (essays & book about experimental, noise, electroacoustic music in Asia, South East Asia, Africa).