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Raw Session

Milan, Italy

Raw Session is composed by DJs and producers Asengee, Baki and Nutter a.k.a. Gianluca, Davide and Daniele, three guys who have always loved music in particular Electronics, Rock and Hip Hop. After several individual experiences as musicians and DJ in private parties and underground gigs in Milan area, in 2015 they decided to found a duo (and then a trio) that fully represented the great common interest for Drum and Bass.
The Raw Session project, in addition to bringing music to clubs, occupied community centers and arci clubs, has also soon become a successful radio program broadcasted on Radio Statale (www.radiostatale.it) that has collected some DJ mix from the best DJ of the underground scene.
Raw Session is also engaged in the production of tracks that are published by BNCexpress and Creative Vision Records.

MAIL: rawsession.dj@gmail.com