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Menthol Flavour's |MeNtLoN Mza

71, Poland

Hey, yo, I'm drunk, throwin' up in the club
In addition, I ain't know what they was slippin' in them drinks I was sippin'
I didn't think, prob'ly somethin' pink, I was slippin'
Last time I woke up in the clink, I was trippin'
One drink, two drink, three, it ain't a thing to me
I shows up then leave tore up, ain't nothin' changery
One too many Kamikazes, I'm a zombie
Stumblin' out the party, I was duckin' paparazzi
I shoulda skipped last call and hit the herb spot
Or hit the studio, maybe, because this verse hot
My first shot, my bird hot, by the third shot
Curved the THOT, the thirst real but her purse not
My attitude is out the world, I'm a star
Plus a rhymin' alcoholic, ask the girl behind the bar
The opps can't call it, they ain't havin' a prob'
Honey workin' on the tan, they nabbin' the jar