London, United Kingdom

"Maxine is a force of nature and with her live streaming EVERYONE has a chance to come to her inspirational classes. I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

Lorraine Kelly

Fitness trainer to Lorraine Kelly, Two best-selling DVDs under her belt, numerous TV appearances, the originator of the #SweatySelfie and now a brand new live stream fitness channel launched - it’s safe to say Maxicise TV’s Maxine Jones has come a long way since she ditched the chaotic, high-pressure money markets of the banking world.

It is, by anyone’s standards, one hell of a career move. Max spent 23 years in the thick of a stressful, male-dominated, testosterone-fuelled environment, living minute by minute, bouncing from one adrenalin-rushing trade to the next. In the end it was a bullying boss - something many of us will be able to relate to from one point or another in our lives - that saw Max turn her back on everything she knew.

“Going home in tears at the age of 40 was not in my life plan,” she