J. Walter Cornejo

Washington, Dc, United States

πŸ“‘ Live Saturdays @ 5p ET | 10p GMT

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🎢 Mixing
πŸ”΅ Tech 🟒 Afro Latin Tribal World 🟠 Techno 🟑 Deep Melodic Organic Progressive ⚫ Funky Jackin' Nu Disco ⚫ House

πŸ•Ί WaltyMix πŸ’Ώ
Title of my recoded sets in tape/cd format when I DJ'd at local bars & clubs from 1998-2004. Left the scene in pursuit of career in IT.

😷 After a 16 year "break", the 2020 covid lockdown allowed me time to focus and reconnect with my passion for House music. Unpacked my old viny, Technics 1200's... got acclimated with Ableton Live, Pioneer DJ rekordbox... updating gear along the way... Bringing back πŸ•Ί WaltyMix 🎧 now streaming on MixCloud + Twitch + YouTube... Starting to dabble in remixing and producing too... releasing soon to SoundCloud.

πŸ•Ί J. Walter Cornejo
JDub | Walter | Wally | Walty
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