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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Beats. Bass. Even More Bass! The Loud Assassins are proud to present to you a DJ that puts bass from the Islands of the Caribbean, with a little Latin spice, to go along with it. JR Larraz is a DJ with an interesting backgound. Born to a Puerto Rican father and a Curacaon mother on the Island of Barbados, which they would later immigrate to St. Vincent and the Grenadines as a young child. JR Larraz takes all these influences from the French, Dutch, British, Spanish, and Portuguese territories of the Caribbean and throws them all together as primary influences in his music. Just to make things a bit more bootilicious, JR Larraz can drop some the raunchiest sounds of Miami Bass, Jersey Club, and Baltimore Club for you to twerk and grind yourself from one side of the club to the other. JR Larraz can do love too! For the people who like things smooth, silky, soulful, with some refined guitars and ballads for romancing. JR Larraz has got that covered within his arsenal.